What we can offer

Thanks to our considerable experience, our competence and our wide network in the international music industry, we are able to offer a broad palette of possibilities to satisfy our clients’ needs.

What drives us
As an artist, you cannot rely on coincidences. Our team is here to help you realize your full potential. We do not make any empty promises, do not create false illusions or bank on hope. Our success proves us right: 80-90% of our clients stay with us throughout their careers and have trusted our know-how for many years.

Here at NO-TE, we know: When I champion my cause, when I understand my identity as a creator and arbiter of my work and talent, I will gain the recognition of audiences who will appreciate me and my talent and follow my career. This kind of value is especially important for artists, orchestras, labels, and art organizations, and results in a growing audience.

Our team members are competent in multiple areas: from economics to communication, journalism, musical sciences, and visual arts like design, photography, and video production, we work together as a goal-oriented group dedicated to the highest quality of service.

Our strategy encompasses the composition of your future over the long haul, supporting you in establishing yourself in your line of work as an artist and presenting you in the best light.

  • Video Concepts
  • Photo
  • Web
  • Branding/Image
  • Audience Development
  • CD PR
  • Concert PR
  • Festival PR
  • Artists PR


selection of clients video video productions and/or pr


Matthias Kirschnereit
Sabine Weyer
Claire Huangci
Fazil Say
Ivan Ilic
Alexander Gadijev

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Marik Kodama
Michail Lifits
Mario Häring
Danae Dörken
Dorothy Khadem-Missagh
Andrea Kauten
Lydia Maria Bader
Romain Nosbaum
Magdalena Müllerperth Joanna Goodale
Christian Erny
Kotaro Fukuma
Johann Blanchard
David Theodor Schmidt
Vincent Larderet
Francesco Tristano
Ingolf Wunder
Florian Noack
Ektaterina Litvintseva
Zala Kravos
Ieva Dudaite

Yury Revich
Maximillian Simon
Sebastian Bohren
Mikhail Pochekin
Roberto González Monjas
Midori Seiler

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Aleksey Semenenko
Solenne Paidassi
Stefan Tarara
So Jin Kim


Schumann Quartett
Royal String Quartet
Signum Saxophonquartett
Zurich Ensemble
Trio Alba
Voyager Quartett

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Kaleidoscope String Quartet
Casal Quartett
Five Sax
The Georges Burki Collective



Nadège Rochat
Mark Schumann
Julius Berger
Martin Rummel
Benedict Kloeckner


Atilla Aldemir
Wen Xiao Zheng
Mariko Hara Haselsteiner


Matthias Racz
Sophie Dartigalongue


Rafael Aquirre
Armin Egger
Christina Sandsengen
Heike Matthiesen (†)
Duo Amythis
Alvaro Mendizabal

Flute / Trumpet / Horn

Michala Petri
Reinhold Friedrich
Felix Klieser


Nadège Rochat
Mark Schumann
Giorgi Kharadze
Martin Rummel
Benedict Kloeckner


Alexej Gerassimez
Fabian Ziegler


Lena Belkina
Alexandre Baldo
Na’ama Goldman
Franziska Heinzen
Megan Kahts
Katharina Kammerloher
Aleksandra Kurzak
Alois Mühlbacher


St. Florian Boys Choir
Zurich Chamber Singers

CD Labels

Aparte (Fr)
Ars Produktion (D)
Decca (I)
Editions Hortus (Fr)
Genuin (D)
Musikproduktion Dabringhaus & Grimm (D)
Odradek Records (I/Usa)
Oehms Classics (D)
Orlando Records (At)
Our Recordings (Dk)
Paladino Media (A)
Paraty / Harmonia Mundi (Fr)
Profil / Hänssler (D)
Sony Classical Music (Ch)

The Team

Krystian Nowakowski
Marketing and PR
  • Development of Concert Series
  • Development and Execution of Recording Projects with International Music Labels
  • Developing of Branding Strategies for Artists, Orchestras and Music Institutions
  • Collaboration with Artist Management (International Touring & Engagements)
Martin Teschner
Visual media
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Print Design
    (Independent subcontractor)
Nora Bolz
Communication Design
  • Conception
  • Interfacedesign
  • Usability
    (Independent subcontractor)
Barbara Hoppe
Public Relations &
Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Editorial Staff
    (Independent subcontractor)
Kaupo Kikkas
  • Photo-Production
    (Independent subcontractor)

Awards from our PR-clients: